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#382 Using '$' between to constructor and its argument causes a segfault. defect blocker Core to Sea Translation 0.4.2
#252 Give a better message when we run out of heap defect normal Runtime System 0.2.1
#317 Lock down how the Void# type can be used. task normal Core Type Checker 0.3.2
#324 Don't display Bot in type error messages defect normal Core Type Checker 0.3.2
#329 Don't anonymize exported names defect normal Core Transforms 0.3.2
#342 Allow lambda binders without type/kind annots in Source tetra defect normal Source to Core Translation 0.4.1
#343 Lambda lift locally-recursive function, eg local loops. defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#349 Zero the payload of unboxed vectors when we allocate them. defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#365 Support separate signatures in Source Tetra enhancement normal Source Parser 0.4.2
#366 Update LLVM meta-data syntax to work with LLVM 3.6 defect normal Compilation Driver 0.4.2
#368 Check for unconstrained meta-variables after inference. defect normal Unknown 0.4.2
#371 The status of the last test is not being displayed by the war driver. defect normal Test runner (war) 0.4.2
#375 Better inference with higher kinded type constructors. defect normal Source Type Inferencer 0.4.2
#376 Check variable elaboration in Applicative. defect normal Source Type Inferencer 0.4.2
#377 Look through type equations during Tetra to Salt transform defect normal Core Transforms 0.4.2
#378 Complete merging (~>) and (->) type constructors. enhancement normal Core Type Checker 0.4.2
#389 Fix parsing of local recursive functions in 'do' syntax. defect normal Source Parser 0.4.2
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