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#437 Don't leak space when using sprintf in prim library. defect high Runtime System 0.4.2
#264 Support multi-module compilation enhancement normal Compilation Driver 0.2.1
#266 Tailcall optimisation doesn't work for exported functions. defect normal Core to Sea Translation 0.2.1
#267 Tailcalls don't work with the C backend. defect normal Core to Sea Translation 0.2.1
#290 Evaluator doesn't preserve closure typing. defect normal Core Type Checker 0.2.1
#325 Do code generation for the primitive tuple type, and use <,,> syntax. enhancement normal Core to Sea Translation 0.4.1
#359 Allow arbitrary expressions on the right of an $ enhancement normal Source Parser 0.4.1
#383 Redo name generation in Lambda lifter. defect normal Core Transforms 0.4.2
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