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#344 Add functions to take size and components of a TextLit enhancement normal Unknown 0.4.1
#318 Better error message for uninferrable intermediate region vars defect normal Core Type Checker 0.3.2
#355 Conversion of Tetra types to Salt does not use arity information. defect normal Core to Sea Translation 0.4.1
#326 Do free vars check in new inferencer defect normal Core Type Checker 0.3.2
#319 During type inference, ensure all annots on ctor fields refine type env before checking bodies. enhancement normal Core Type Checker 0.3.2
#346 Fix duplicate import check for diamond imports. defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#356 Fix rebuilding of interfaces when it's not needed. defect normal Compilation Driver 0.4.1
#357 Fix the cabal install trigger that builds the base library defect normal Build System 0.4.1
#345 Give pattern inexhaustiveness message. benl defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#351 Handle case where the name of type a type param in super type and binder are different. defect normal Core to Sea Translation 0.4.1
#337 LLVM and C backends don't support NameExt defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#338 Lexer treats "_" as separate token defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#354 Local 'extend' forms don't work without an enclosing box cast. defect normal Core Transforms 0.4.1
#358 Make -load, -to-salt etc work with multi-module compilation defect normal Compilation Driver 0.4.1
#316 Make String# a foreign C type defect normal Libraries 0.3.2
#333 Module parser silently discards anything after first let? defect normal Core Parser 0.4.1
#361 Need to apply Unshare transform to imported CAFs. defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#353 Purify effects on top-level regions where there is a global capability. enhancement normal Libraries 0.4.1
#307 Shift lazy witness type constructors to Eval fragment refactor normal Core Type Checker 0.3.1
#336 Snip;Flatten;Forward removes original names defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#334 Synth adding type parameters in wrong order? defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
#352 Tetra to Salt conversion for stand alone run and box defect normal Source to Core Translation 0.4.1
#335 Usage analysis doesn't handle shadowing (TODO better test) defect normal Unknown 0.4.1
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