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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#348 Restrict types of things that can be foreign imported new bug normal
#385 Make type inference work with non-trivial type synonyms new feature normal
#386 Better inference when case alternatives have differing effects. new feature normal
#395 Better inference for effectful case expressions. new feature normal
#406 Auto run and rebox suspension types in the body of private constructs. new feature normal
#407 Auto box expressions if the expected type is a suspension new feature normal
#408 No source locations for import and export errors. new bug normal
#409 No source locations for kind mismatch errors new bug normal
#410 Check for case on foreign abstract data. new bug normal
#416 Data type decls are not checked that all tyvars in result type of ctors appear as params. new bug normal
#424 Explicit box keyword required in more places than it should be. new bug normal
#427 Clash in type var names with nested signatures. new bug normal
#431 Sub_Implicit_Right rule assumes functional expression has no effects. new bug normal
#438 Type checker instantiation judgement assumes all tycon params are covariant. new bug normal
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