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#347 Avoid name capture in dischargeConsWithElims new normal Core Transforms
#348 Restrict types of things that can be foreign imported new normal Source Typing
#350 Core to Salt conversion of let-bound type applications is incomplete. new normal Core to Salt
#367 Block comments mess up line numbering in error messages. new normal Source Parser
#370 Unterminated comments are not being detected in T271-UnterminatedComment new normal Source Parser
#373 Check that type equations are not recursive. new normal Core Type Checker
#374 Check specified kinds of type equations against their infered kinds. new normal Core Type Checker
#403 Fix specification of separate signatures with higher kinded type vars. new normal Source to Core
#404 Need to freshen names of type vars when elaborating local sigs. new normal Source to Core
#408 No source locations for import and export errors. new normal Source Typing
#409 No source locations for kind mismatch errors new normal Source Typing
#410 Check for case on foreign abstract data. new normal Source Typing
#414 Inlining a function with guards into a guard causes LLVM dominator error. new normal Salt to LLVM
#415 Implicit resolver gets caught in a loop if result type of fn matches a parameter. new normal Core Transforms
#416 Data type decls are not checked that all tyvars in result type of ctors appear as params. new normal Source Typing
#417 Do binding against a pattern yields a "bad pattern error" new normal Source Desugarer
#423 Closing Shimmer REPL with Control-D causes prompt to print indefinately. new normal Shimmer
#424 Explicit box keyword required in more places than it should be. new normal Source Typing
#427 Clash in type var names with nested signatures. new normal Source Typing
#429 In Expand transform, env management is wrong for non-recursive clauses. new normal Core Transforms
#430 In BoundX transform, management of debruijn depth is wrong. new normal Core Transforms
#431 Sub_Implicit_Right rule assumes functional expression has no effects. new normal Source Typing
#438 Type checker instantiation judgement assumes all tycon params are covariant. new normal Source Typing
#450 Division by zero in the LLVM generated code has undefined behaviour new normal Salt to LLVM
#451 The 'mod' function in LLVM generated code is not implemented. new normal Salt to LLVM
#298 Need a more efficient way to compute the aliasing measure. new low Core Transforms
#330 Lambda lifter doesn't work with anonymous binders. new low Core Transforms
#332 Type inference does not handle deBruijn variables. new low Core Type Checker
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