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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#15 Share constant enumeration values. new normal Core Transforms
#273 Handle hierarchical module names new benl normal Core Parser
#280 Rewrites should be done with the most specific rule. new normal Core Transforms
#281 Well-formedness check for distinct witnesses is too strict. new normal Core Type Checker
#321 Use internal linkage for symbols that aren't exported. new normal Salt to LLVM
#322 Make wrappers for exported functions new normal Core to Salt
#323 Insert type lambdas during inference with higher ranked types. new normal Core Type Checker
#360 Remove need for extra Unit parameter on main function new normal Source to Core
#369 Auto wrap foreign primitives and primops when passed to higher order functions. new normal Core to Salt
#372 Implement name spacing new normal Source to Core
#380 In source lexer, handle hex literals with size specifiers. new normal Source Parser
#385 Make type inference work with non-trivial type synonyms new normal Source Typing
#386 Better inference when case alternatives have differing effects. new normal Source Typing
#387 Insert local 'private' constructs. new normal Core Transforms
#391 Allow pattern bindings at top-level. new normal Source Parser
#395 Better inference for effectful case expressions. new normal Source Typing
#396 When there is no export declaration in a module then export everything. new normal Source Desugarer
#406 Auto run and rebox suspension types in the body of private constructs. new normal Source Typing
#407 Auto box expressions if the expected type is a suspension new normal Source Typing
#411 Allow types of pattern binders to be specified in source language new normal Source Parser
#418 In Shimmer combinateSKI don't require all combinators to be supplied in public interface. new normal Shimmer
#439 Avoid copying strings via lists in Stdlib.ds new normal Libraries
#440 Use Addr# type instead of Nat# in Stdlib.ds new normal Libraries
#444 Build info tables for each object at module init time. new benl normal memoizer Runtime System
#445 Add a compute cost stack and a primop to measure the cost of a computation. new normal memoizer Runtime System
#446 Implement hashing for the Shimmer Expression AST new benl normal memoizer Shimmer
#447 Add an index to Shimmer store files so we can lookup decls in constant-ish time. new normal memoizer Shimmer
#54 Support value recursion new steggles low _|_ Source Semantics
#108 Support infix operator definitions new steggles low _|_ Source Parser
#301 Speed up generation of anti-aliasing metadata. new low Core to Salt
#303 Allow builtin type names to be reused as data constructor names. new steggles low _|_ Core Parser
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