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#368 fixed Check for unconstrained meta-variables after inference. benl

Unconstrained type meta-variables should not end up in interface files as multiple client modules might want to instantiate them differently. Eg with

foo x = x

The inferred type will be something like

foo : ?123 -> ?123

rather than properly polymorphic as we don't do let-generalisation.

Either default these to some Any type, or throw an error.

#366 fixed Update LLVM meta-data syntax to work with LLVM 3.6 benl

Meta-data syntax was changed in 3.6.

A the best way to handle this would be to have the driver query the version of LLVM and produce the correct syntax.

#365 fixed Support separate signatures in Source Tetra benl

Allow the signature and definition of a binder to be specified separately as in Haskell. The core language naturally supports separate signatures, but we need to parse them in the source language.

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