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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#257 Add types of bindings used by inlined functions to imports list defect normal 0.3.0 Unknown
#56 Bad core produced from lambda abstraction defect blocker Source to Core Translation
#272 Better error message for non-matching braces. defect normal 0.3.0 Core Parser
#270 Compliance check for nested functions enhancement normal 0.3.0 Core Type Checker
#261 Implement tailcalls in the C backend enhancement normal Core to Sea Translation
#400 In Resolver, build maps of tycon to binding to improve performance. enhancement normal Source Type Inferencer
#169 Module exporter re-exports projections it has imported defect blocker Unknown
#178 PANIC in Core.Reconstruct reconX/Prim due to using boxInt32 where a polymorphic function is expected. defect blocker Core Transforms
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