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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#148 DDC fails the man or boy test. erikd defect blocker Unknown
#304 Force UPrim bounds to be suffixed with '#' defect high 0.3.2 Core Transforms
#3 Check Shape witnesses in core enhancement normal Core Type Checker
#17 Check profiling and ticky counters in runtime system and add tests newbie normal Runtime System
#19 Erase calls to prim.force on objects in direct regions during Core.Simplify enhancement normal 0.3.0 Core Transforms
#24 Allow resumption of tests in bin/war test driver enhancement normal Build System
#67 Compiler panic applying polymorphic functions to unboxed values defect normal 0.3.0 Core Type Checker
#83 Look in data definition when checking dangerous vars enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#87 Support type constraints on constructor enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Parser
#89 Test out effect constructors with interesting kinds task normal Source Type Inferencer
#90 Support default instances in type class declarations. enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Parser
#101 Lazy list still results in stack overflow defect normal Build System
#195 Resurrect churn test program task normal Unknown
#202 Add a war test mode with RTS debugging turned on. task normal 0.3.0 Runtime System
#214 Regression on lazy lists erikd defect normal Unknown
#228 Normalise variable names on types presented to the user defect normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#230 War : Report number of failed tests enhancement normal 0.3.0 Test runner (war)
#234 Add type level natural numbers task normal Core Type Checker
#241 Provide source locations in core type error messages enhancement normal Core Type Checker
#275 Transforms like 'Snip' don't propagate annots in a sensible way defect normal Unknown
#317 Lock down how the Void# type can be used. task normal 0.4.3 Core Type Checker
#318 Better error message for uninferrable intermediate region vars defect normal 0.4.2 Core Type Checker
#401 In Resolver, check for incoherent instances. enhancement normal Source Typing
#12 Revisit exception mechanism task project Source Type Inferencer
#13 Share GC stack slots in Sea code enhancement project Core to Sea Translation
#14 Implement full laziness transform enhancement project Core Transforms
#22 Mask mutability constraints on fresh data enhancement project Source Type Inferencer
#23 Mask effects on fresh data enhancement project Source Type Inferencer
#25 Investigate support for polymorphic recursion task project Source Type Inferencer
#27 Rewrite primitive functions from RTS in Disciple refactor project Libraries
#31 Implement dictionary passing. enhancement project Source to Core Translation
#46 Compile base libraries into .so enhancement project Compilation Driver
#49 Add monadic do expressions. enhancement project Source Parser
#85 Create large pinned memory blocks automatically newbie project Runtime System
#88 Allow data fields to be listed with the offside rule enhancement project Source Parser
#145 Add a point free case expression enhancement project Source Parser
#205 Write an arbitrary precision Integer data type newbie project Libraries
#221 Expand support for arrays of unboxed values task project Libraries
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