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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 Check class instances against their definitions. benl defect normal Type Inferencer
#6 Check format of source pragmas. defect normal Source Parser
#11 Resurrect Core.Inline enhancement normal Core Transforms
#16 Add type bindings enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Parser
#30 Emit a better error message when reading an empty interface file. defect normal 0.3.0 Compilation Driver
#34 Check inferred type against signatures. enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#37 Fix closure trimming of data types containing functions. defect normal Source Type Inferencer
#40 Check for overlapping projection dictionaries during type inference defect normal Source Type Inferencer
#44 Fix elaboration of recursive data types. defect normal Source Type Inferencer
#48 Graphics library is unsafe defect normal Libraries
#50 Emit error for dangerous vars at top level. defect normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#52 Auto export class instance functions enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Desugarer
#68 Do kind checking during constraint generation. defect normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#73 Bad core generated for recursive function with projections defect normal Source to Core Translation
#86 Use Haskell/GHC style pragma instead of a pragma keyword newbie normal 0.3.0 Build System
#155 PANIC "mergeClasses: classes have differing kinds" in my Hashtable first cut benl defect normal Source Type Inferencer
#157 Do a more fine-grained dangerous variables check enhancement normal Source Type Inferencer
#161 No instance for Base.Shape3 and Class.Num.Num enhancement normal 0.3.0 Source Parser
#163 Elaboration of class constructors isn't respecting their kinds amosrobinson defect normal Source Desugarer
#181 Fix display of node effects in type error messages defect normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#185 Refactor function ddcCompile to use ddcMake refactor normal Build System
#187 Write tests for Data,ArrayU module. tomberek newbie normal 0.3.0 Runtime System
#188 Bad quantifier in type for "undefined" defect normal 0.3.0 Source Type Inferencer
#189 Check for missing quantifiers in type class definitions. defect normal 0.3.0 Source Desugarer
#198 Shootout binary trees benchmark dies with OOM defect normal 0.3.0 Unknown
#200 Shootout fannkuch-redex benchmark chokes with N > 8 defect normal 0.3.0 Unknown
#203 Grow heaps and stacks automatically enhancement normal 0.3.0 Runtime System
#217 PANIC in DDC.Core.Lint.Env : withVarType: type for a.list already present defect normal 0.3.0 Source to Core Translation
#225 Split Runtime.h into internal and external bits. erikd defect normal 0.3.0 Runtime System
#233 Panic : thread_transX: can't find a witness for ... defect normal 0.3.0 Core Transforms
#248 Constructing a Nil object writes a Unit object as the first field defect normal Core to Sea Translation
#267 Tailcalls don't work with the C backend. defect normal 0.5.0 Core to Sea Translation
#299 Bubble casts out of recursive lets. enhancement normal Core Transforms
#307 Shift lazy witness type constructors to Eval fragment refactor normal 0.4.2 Core Type Checker
#310 Confusing error message defect normal Core Type Checker
#316 Make String# a foreign C type defect normal 0.4.2 Libraries
#320 Handle all the import/export combinations. feature normal Core to Salt
#325 Do code generation for the primitive tuple type, and use <,,> syntax. enhancement normal 0.5.0 Core to Sea Translation
#328 Element type for rep operators is hard-coded to Float32 defect normal Core Flow Transforms
#339 Properly integrate llvm opt support defect normal Compilation Driver
#362 Loading a .dct file loses the arity pragmas defect normal Compilation Driver
#363 Support multi-module core tetra code compilation. enhancement normal Compilation Driver
#364 Namify Salt type sigs that are added to interface files. benl bug normal Core Transforms
#379 Track variance information in type synonyms. feature normal Source Typing
#384 Unshare transform produces AST node with wrong type annotation. defect normal Core Transforms
#390 make where bindings mutually recursive. defect normal Unknown
#392 Repair C code generator enhancement normal Core to Sea Translation
#393 Repair 32-bit runtime. enhancement normal Runtime System
#107 Definition order should not be important in where block steggles enhancement low _|_ Source Semantics
#296 Evaluator doesn't support over-applied primops steggles defect low _|_ Core Interpreter
#10 Rewrite Core.Lint with Core.Trans refactor minor Core Transforms
#18 Refactor Core.Exp to push XPrim calls into new data type refactor minor Core Transforms
#28 When defining projections, auto-open the other fns in the projection enhancement project Source Parser
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