May 5, 2011:

9:46 AM Ticket #223 (Type mismatch with foriegn import of C functions that take zero parameters) created by erikd
Consider a function like the C standard library function sync: […] …

May 1, 2011:

1:16 AM Ticket #222 (Dump all test currently failing) created by erikd
Investigating failures for test/10-Driver/DumpAll/? more closely I find …

Apr 28, 2011:

10:30 PM Ticket #221 (Expand support for arrays of unboxed values) created by erikd
DDC currently supports arrays of unboxed values like Int32#. Would be …

Apr 27, 2011:

11:39 AM Ticket #220 (Allow unboxed constructors parameters) created by erikd
Currently data constructors only work for boxed values and attempting …

Apr 22, 2011:

1:39 AM Ticket #219 (File with coments but no code results in "unexpected end of input") created by erikd
File containing: […] results in the warning "unexpected end of …

Apr 19, 2011:

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