Mar 10, 2016:

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Mar 3, 2016:

11:25 AM Ticket #344 (Add functions to take size and components of a TextLit) created by benl
11:25 AM Ticket #343 (Lambda lift locally-recursive function, eg local loops.) created by benl
11:25 AM Ticket #342 (Allow lambda binders without type/kind annots in Source tetra) created by benl
11:23 AM Ticket #305 (Types of Eval primops are not stable under eta expansion) closed by benl
fixed: We removed closure typing from Tetra in the previous version.
11:22 AM Ticket #341 (Implement suspensions and indirections in the salt runtime) closed by benl
fixed: Salt now deals with suspensions, though they are one-shot, rather than …
11:21 AM Ticket #290 (Evaluator doesn't preserve closure typing.) closed by benl
11:20 AM Ticket #9 (Disallow unboxed data being present in function closures.) closed by benl
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