Apr 20, 2016:

12:06 AM WikiStart edited by benl

Apr 19, 2016:

11:49 AM Ticket #218 (Bad C code generated with unboxed values) closed by benl
11:45 AM Ticket #326 (Do free vars check in new inferencer) closed by benl
7:58 AM Ticket #318 (Better error message for uninferrable intermediate region vars) closed by benl

Apr 18, 2016:

12:36 PM Ticket #358 (Make -load, -to-salt etc work with multi-module compilation) created by benl
These commands work for single module programs, but they don't load …
12:34 PM Ticket #357 (Fix the cabal install trigger that builds the base library) closed by benl
9:07 AM Ticket #356 (Fix rebuilding of interfaces when it's not needed.) closed by benl
7:08 AM Ticket #357 (Fix the cabal install trigger that builds the base library) created by benl
On install it should run ddc -basebuild, but this seems to be broken.
6:57 AM Ticket #356 (Fix rebuilding of interfaces when it's not needed.) created by benl
The multi-module build driver is rebuilding modules when it doesn't …
4:45 AM Ticket #355 (Conversion of Tetra types to Salt does not use arity information.) created by benl
We need to check cross module exports/imports when the functions …

Apr 17, 2016:

12:25 PM Ticket #354 (Local 'extend' forms don't work without an enclosing box cast.) created by benl
[…] Moving the box out of the let-binding breaks it.
12:23 PM Ticket #353 (Purify effects on top-level regions where there is a global capability.) created by benl
In base library Data.Text, textOfWord8. The effect is on RegionText?, …
10:58 AM Ticket #325 (Do code generation for the primitive tuple type, and use <,,> syntax.) closed by benl
10:53 AM Ticket #352 (Tetra to Salt conversion for stand alone run and box) created by benl
eg, if we were to have a worker function that takes an existing …
10:33 AM Ticket #351 (Handle case where the name of type a type param in super type and ...) created by benl
If the type of a super has type parameters with different names than …
10:26 AM Ticket #350 (Core to Salt conversion of let-bound type applications is incomplete.) created by benl
If the Tetra code contains let-bindings like the following, then the …
10:20 AM Ticket #349 (Zero the payload of unboxed vectors when we allocate them.) created by benl
If we don't zero the payload then reading a freshly allocated vector …
10:04 AM Ticket #348 (Restrict types of things that can be foreign imported) created by benl
The parameter and result of functions imported from sea land should …
9:49 AM Ticket #347 (Avoid name capture in dischargeConsWithElims) created by benl
The discharge process doesn't avoid name capture due to conflicting …
9:42 AM Ticket #346 (Fix duplicate import check for diamond imports.) created by benl
The old check failed if the same name was imported via multiple modules.
9:39 AM Ticket #345 (Give pattern inexhaustiveness message.) created by benl
The code to handle desugaring of guards is unfinished.
9:19 AM Ticket #307 (Shift lazy witness type constructors to Eval fragment) closed by benl
wontfix: Eval fragment is deprecated.
9:18 AM Ticket #296 (Evaluator doesn't support over-applied primops) closed by benl
9:17 AM Ticket #331 (Lambda lifter doesn't work with closure typing.) closed by benl
fixed: closures have been removed from the language.
9:17 AM Ticket #340 (Check for partial application of supers in Salt fragment check) closed by benl
9:14 AM Ticket #328 (Element type for rep operators is hard-coded to Float32) closed by benl
9:13 AM Ticket #310 (Confusing error message) closed by benl
9:11 AM Ticket #264 (Support multi-module compilation) closed by benl
9:10 AM Ticket #344 (Add functions to take size and components of a TextLit) closed by benl
9:08 AM Ticket #334 (Synth adding type parameters in wrong order?) closed by benl
fixed: This is fixed, there was a bug in the type checker.
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