Jul 18, 2017:

1:13 PM Ticket #400 (In Resolver, build maps of tycon to binding to improve performance.) closed by benl
1:09 PM Ticket #435 (Handle LLVM 4.0, check about LLVM 5.0) created by benl
Using LLVM > 4.0 causes a compile error.
12:54 PM Ticket #434 (Store resolve dictionary by outermost tycon.) created by benl
Searching through the available bindings in scope will be a …
12:51 PM Ticket #433 (Refactor constructData to take only the fields it uses.) created by benl
In some cases we're inserting dummy names that will never be used, …
12:47 PM Ticket #432 (Check shadowing of rules in Inst judgement) created by benl
InstRArr looks like it's shadowed by InstRSolve.
12:46 PM Ticket #431 (Sub_Implicit_Right rule assumes functional expression has no effects.) created by benl
It might not. This is wrong but unlikely to trigger.
12:43 PM Ticket #430 (In BoundX transform, management of debruijn depth is wrong.) created by benl
In LGroup clause of mapBoundAtDepthXLets.
12:42 PM Ticket #429 (In Expand transform, env management is wrong for non-recursive clauses.) created by benl
In XLet (LGroup ..) case of downX
12:36 PM Ticket #428 (Eliding signature in bag_toList causes type error saying existentials ...) created by benl
12:35 PM Ticket #427 (Clash in type var names with nested signatures.) created by benl
Renaming the tyvar 'x' to 'a' etc causes a name clash. […]
12:33 PM Ticket #426 (Free existential not caught by post type check) created by benl
12:31 PM Ticket #425 (In foreign import adding (S Console) to result type causes codegen ...) created by benl
With […] This is really an effectful function, but making the …
12:26 PM Ticket #424 (Explicit box keyword required in more places than it should be.) created by benl
See repl_loop in Shimmer Main for an example.
12:25 PM Ticket #423 (Closing Shimmer REPL with Control-D causes prompt to print indefinately.) created by benl
Start shimmer and press Control-D, get an endless stream of >.
11:59 AM Ticket #422 (Explicit type arguments required in some places where they should not be.) created by benl
See SMR.Core.Exp.Eq for example.
11:57 AM Ticket #421 (Problem with shadowed type variables in Shimmer trainAppend.) created by benl
See SMR.Core.Exp.Train for example.
11:55 AM Ticket #420 (Pattern desugarer gets confused if variables are renamed.) created by benl
See SMR.Core.Exp.Step for example.
11:53 AM Ticket #419 (Explicit dictionaries needed in more places then they should be.) created by benl
With […] Application of {eqs}` should not be needed.
11:52 AM Ticket #418 (In Shimmer combinateSKI don't require all combinators to be supplied ...) created by benl
smr-combinate-ski should not need all combinators supplied. Add a more …
11:49 AM Ticket #417 (Do binding against a pattern yields a "bad pattern error") created by benl
This sort of thing fails: […]
11:48 AM Ticket #416 (Data type decls are not checked that all tyvars in result type of ...) created by benl
Example in SMR.Source.Expected. Removing some of the tyvars from the …
11:45 AM Ticket #415 (Implicit resolver gets caught in a loop if result type of fn matches a ...) created by benl
11:43 AM Ticket #414 (Inlining a function with guards into a guard causes LLVM dominator error.) created by benl
See SMR.Source.Lexer for example.
11:41 AM Ticket #413 (Infix parser does not allow multiple \lor in expression.) created by benl
The following fails if we remove the parens. […]
11:39 AM Ticket #412 (Using literal "\\" string fails in LLVM code generation.) created by benl
If the program contains a literal "\\" compilation dies with: […]

Jul 16, 2017:

8:42 AM Ticket #411 (Allow types of pattern binders to be specified in source language) created by benl
The following works in Core Tetra but not in Source Tetra. […] …
7:39 AM Ticket #410 (Check for case on foreign abstract data.) created by benl
The following dies in conversion to Salt. […]
7:10 AM Ticket #409 (No source locations for kind mismatch errors) created by benl
The error messages about kind mismatches don't contain source locations.
7:05 AM Ticket #408 (No source locations for import and export errors.) created by benl
If exported names are undefined, or duplicated etc then the error …

Jul 15, 2017:

12:45 PM Ticket #299 (Bubble casts out of recursive lets.) closed by benl
12:38 PM Ticket #339 (Properly integrate llvm opt support) closed by benl
11:19 AM Ticket #389 (Fix parsing of local recursive functions in 'do' syntax.) closed by benl
10:25 AM Ticket #399 (Shift development docs and tutorial info into man repo.) closed by benl

Jun 25, 2017:

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