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The programs in test/93-Graphics can open up X windows and display pretty pictures. When run with no arguments they dump their final frame as a PPM image to stdout. When run with "-x" they open up an X window an display the animation in real-time.

$ bin/war test/93-Graphics +compway opt -O
$ test/93-Graphics/Styrene/Main.bin -x

You can also compile and run demos individually with something like:

$ bin/ddc -O -make demo/Graphics/Styrene/Main.ds -o styrene
$ ./styrene -x

Note that DDC's -make flag will rebuild any module needed by the program being compiled, including modules in the base libraries. This can be useful when working on the libraries, or on DDC's -make support.

For example, we can clean out all the binaries in the library and demo directories with:

$ make cleanLibrary

We can then rebuild the whole styrene program with:

$ bin/ddc -O -make demo/Graphics/Styrene/Main.ds -o styrene