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Build Targets

Lots of useful build targets are listed at the top of the Makefile

When hacking on DDC we usually use the the bin/ddc target to avoid dependency checking the runtime system and external libs each time around.

$ make bin/ddc

Custom Configuration

The build can be tweaked by creating the file make/ Note that you don't want to change make/ directly because this file is under version control.

Build Flavour

The make/ file lists a number of additional build flavours. For the fastest build add the following line to make/


This turns off some GHC optimisations, and reduces the amount of rebuilding that must be done after changing one of the compiler source files.

Parallel Builds

The makefile is set up to use the value of the THREADS variable wherever possible.

The default is currently 2, but if you have more then override it with something like:

THREADS = 8     # or whatever