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Release Process

Fix cabal files

Ensure that all modules are entered in the cabal files, and the packages build. Hide internal modules that we don't want to reveal in the public-facing API.


Build the complete documentation and ensure all functions and data structures are documented. Use the cabal haddock command to exercise the .cabal files.

Link TODOs

Grep the source for TODO, FIXME, BROKEN etc and enter these into the trac as new issues. Change the TODOs to "Issue #NNN" to refer to the issue as entered on the trac.

Clear current issues

Ensure that all issues with the to-release version as their milestone are either fixed or have their milestone set to the next version.

Forbidden functions

Grep the source for forbidden functions. These all fail with an unhelpful error message and are banned from the DDC source tree. At some stage we should add an automated test for these.

head tail init fromJust (!!)

Clean wiki

Go though all the wiki pages and ensure old stuff is deleted or updated.

Add release notes to doc/release

Release notes should summarise the main changes since last release, and who worked on it, for posterity. We don't need a list of the issues fixed, as these are kept in the trac.