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    66Our end goal is to have a light-weight functional language based on Haskell's syntax but with direct support for strict evaluation and arbitrary destructive update. These two features give the programmer better control over runtime performance than most other functional languages can offer. Our target applications are the ones that you always find yourself writing C programs for, because existing functional languages are too slow, use too much memory, or don't let you update the data that you need to.
     8== State of Play ==
     9This section records what the DDC developers are actively working on. If you're hacking on something DDC related then by all means add yourself here. Records are dropped off if they haven't been updated for more than a month.
     11==== Ben (benl23) -- updated 4th Feb 2010  ====
     12 * DDC has reached a stage where can reasonably be expected to compile programs, but the compiler itself is very slow and there are lots of bugs. I'm currently refactoring the representation of types (in Type.Exp) to use a Data.Map to hold type constraints instead of a flat list. Along the way I'm redoing some of the more naive parts of the type inferencer, which should result in a major performance improvement. Once the representation of types has stabilised I'll be able to see about checking #2 (checking the types of instance functions against their definitions) which is a major cause of confusing panic messages.
     14 * I'm also fixing up the buildbots and testing framework. I've acquired an Intel Core2 Duo/3GB laptop {{{(}}} which is now our dedicated build server.
    817== [wiki:Language] ==
    918[wiki:Language/VersusHaskell Disciple versus Haskell]
    2635 * [wiki:Development/Patches Making Patches]
    28 == Current Plans ==
    29  * We're currently working towards the 0.1.3 release, while getting our testing framework and buildbots sorted out.
    30  * It would be nice to clear the [ 0.1.3 Buglist] and do a release before the end of 2009.
    3237== How you can help ==
    3338 * Download out the compiler, write programs, and file bug reports!