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The Disciplined Disciple Compiler (DDC)

DDC is a research compiler used to investigate program transformation in the presence of computational effects. It compiles a family of strict functional core languages and supports region, effect and closure typing. This extra information provides a handle on the operational behaviour of code that isn't available in other languages. Programs can be written in either a pure/functional or effectful/imperative style, and one of our goals is to provide both styles coherently in the same language.

State of Play

DDC is being rewritten to use a cleaned-up core language similar to what GHC now uses. The original (alpha) version of the compiler is still available in the source repository, but work on it has ceased.

The new DDC is currently at a stage where it will parse and type-check core programs, and compile recursive functions over lists. There is also an interpreter that we use to experiment with the language design. Example Code

This section summarises the main changes to the repository over the last month or so:

  • 10/2/2014: DDC now includes a bi-directional type inferencer that reconstructs type abstractions and applications. We're currently fixing bugs in preparation for the 0.4 release.

Current Release

The current release is DDC 0.3.2 (July 2013). Release Notes.

DDC consists of the following packages. To get them all just install ddc-tools, and the others will be installed as dependencies.

  • ddc-tools Command line tools. This is the user interface for the other packages.
  • ddc-core Defines the abstract syntax, type checker, and substitution operators.
  • ddc-core-tetra Core language fragment using computation types instead of latent effects.
  • ddc-core-eval Provides a single step evaluator (interpreter). It is a direct implementation of the operational semantics.
  • ddc-core-salt Intermediate representation for C like languages, and C code generator.
  • ddc-base Re-exports the main external dependencies of the Disciplined Disciple Compiler project.




GitHub page:

How you can help

  • Download the compiler, do the tutorial, write programs.
  • File bug reports, fix tickets on the trac.
  • Complain if you can't work something out.

How to get help

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